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InterchangeIT.com, The ON-LINE Interchange PURCHASING Guide serving Industrial consumers around the Globe. LOCATE parts utilized on foreign and domestic Industrial machinery such as Vickers valves Bosch Valves Parker Valves Rexroth valves Yuken valves Nachi Valves Toyooki valves as well as Vickers pumps Yuken pumps Bosch Pumps Nachi pumps and a whole gammut of sensing devices manufactured by Balluff sensors Turk sensors Pepperl Fuchs sensor Telemechanique sensors and many many more. VIEW component specifications & repair parts for such products as Vickers valves Bosch Valves Parker Valves Rexroth valves Yuken valves Nachi Valves Toyooki valves as well as Vickers pumps Yuken pumps Bosch Pumps Nachi pumps. DETERMINE part Interchanges with the a mouse click. We have interchangeable parts listed for Vickers valves Bosch Valves Parker Valves Rexroth valves Yuken valves Nachi Valves Toyooki valves as well as Vickers pumps Yuken pumps Bosch Pumps Nachi pumps. PURCHASE parts at industry minimum prices - Everyday. Specializing in Hydraulic Pneumatic and Electrical controls.

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The interchange guide currently has over 3.5 million references logged into the interactive databases. We provide interchange listings for items not typically found within interchange guides such as hydraulic valves hydraulic pumps hydraulic accumulators proximity sensors air valves shock absorbers and many many other control items. Our databases are custom fabricated interactive information mines used to expdite the time necessary to research and replace common industrial control components. If you require further assistance email links are provided throughout this website so that you may forward your service ticket for further review by our online support staff available 24 hours, everyday.


The InterchangeIT interactive calculators allow the user to quickly and accurately determine basic system requirements to drive a system powered by hydraulic pneumatic and vacuum pick and place control technology. Calculate pumps sizes, heat loads, reservoir size and more for hydraulic systems. Calculate air cylinder and valve sizes to drive a load as well as air flow requirements to meet that demand. Determine vacuum flow and vacuum cup sizing to lift and transport a load in automated manufacturing and packaging applications. Ensure that your calculations are determined the same way everytime. Reduce the amount of time required to make informed decisions when selecting system components.

CAD-Symbol-Libraries ,

Hundreds of AutoCad symbols are available for hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical control products. Each symbol library is available on CD and may be purchased today for immediate shipment. Visit the Cad Symbols page for more information and a few examples of our symbol formats. We use conventional ISO symbols imbedded into a geographic style that yield unmatched quality in circuit design and system depiction.

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Over a century of experience goes into every system designed and fabricated by Turnkey Logic Control, LLC and InterchangeIT.com. Our design, fabrication and sales network is specialized in custom system integration into your manufacturing process. From basic plumbing assemblies to complex automated control systems, each assembly is fitted with components of the highest quality. Our systems have stood the test of time and will serve your manufacturing application for decades to come. Certified industrially trained professionals are available upon your request to investigate and solve your most elusive control's issues.

On-Site Services,

Service after the sale is our most proud asset. However, we realize that you may also require assistance with products and/or systems that have been in service and were not purchased from our network. In this case we can provide certified industrial professionals to assist in rectifying these controls issues. Our staff of professionals are well versed in control's technolgies and bring practical solutions to your plant floor.

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CERTIFIED SPECIALISTS are CURRENTLY AVAILABLE for appointment in the U.S.A., throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Southern Michigan, West Virginia & Western Pensylvania.


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Hydraulic & Pneumatic R-DDV™ Rotary-Direct-Drive SERVO valves from HR Textron for Industrial Closed-Loop Motion control applications provide an Integrated (On Board) Electronic Control Interface yielding the simplest installation of a Closed-Loop Device.

HR Textron will interchange with MOOG, ABEX, ATCHLEY, VICKERS, PEGASUS servo valves

No additional Amplifier Required for operation. 4 Wires + Shield.

Provide Power Supply & your choice of Command signal options (Voltage or Current driven).

Contact Support for Application and Interchange assistance regarding SERVO-Valve Applications.

HR Terxtron Servo Amplifiers for closing position and pressure control loops.
Close actuator loops with Dual Channel Amplifier Cards. Position, Pressure & Velocity Loop-Closure

NFPA & Metric-ISO Tie-Rod Cylinders with integral position transducer provide constant position feedback of piston location.
Peninsular cylinders are interchangeable with NFPA and Metric ISO cylinders
Analog , Digital & Quadrature outputs available in a variety of signal types.

Its a proven fact! Decrease downtime with Protective Cylinder Rod Boots

Cylinder Rod Boots Stop contamination ingression into cylinderrod seals

Protective Rod Boots KEEP THE DIRT OUT! of critical Packings and Glands on reciprocating equipment such as Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders.

Presence Sensing Mats for detecting foot traffic on the plant floor & Automated manufacturing cells
Inductive Sensors, Opto Sensors, Capacitive Sensors and magnetostrictive Transducers
Sensing Mats, Sensing Edges & Light Curtains for a Safer manufacturing environment.

Heavy Duty Pressure Gauges stand the test of time. A properly sized pressure gauge should read the system pressure at apprx. 1/2 full scale.
Lenz pressure Gauges are rugged and Affordable pressure measuring devices
Built-in snubber orifice, Liquid Filled or Dry Case, Brass or Stainless connection, Brass or Stainless bourdon tube, All Stainless gauges available.

Send Power & Signals through air for communicating i/o to unattached or moving equipment. A perfect solution for dies and molds that are frequently interchanged from machines and must be re-wired when reinstalled
Balluff Power Remote Sensors transmit power and sensor outputs through an air gap
Sending power and signals through an air gap eliminates the need for hard-wire connections or slip rings for gathering and sending i/o signals to moving equipment.

Automatic I.D. tags allow the user to Read & Write data regarding the process or machine condition for later retreival. Track manufacturing procedures, identify correct tools, dies & molds.
Balluff Automatic Identification systems allow data storage and procees tracking of critical manufacturing information
Read / Write systems allow data storage on the device itself. A perfect solution for fleet vehicle applications where maintenance records & tracking information can be stored on the vehicle and retreived for later use. I.D. tags are impervious to dirt, oil, grease and common air bourne contaminants.